Auto Title Transfer

Auto Title Transfer

Auto title transfer assistance is one of my most popular services.  Once you confirm the sale with the buyer of your vehicle, give me a call and schedule an appointment.

 I will meet with the seller and buyer and process all the paperwork needed to transfer the title to the new buyer.  I will provide the seller with a notarized bill of sale, and I can electronically notify the Louisiana Department of Motor Vehicles that the vehicle's ownership has been transferred.

 I provide the buyer with a notarized motor vehicle title and a registration application. The buyer then brings these documents, along with proof of insurance, to the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to title the vehicle in his or her name and obtain a license plate.

Using my mobile notary service provides convenience for both the buyer and seller, as all of the necessary paperwork is taken care of at the point of the sale.  There is no need for the seller and new buyer to leave the vehicle until they can find a notary. No worries for the seller by letting the buyer take the vehicle before the necessary paperwork has been completed.

When you use my mobile notary service to process a sale or donation of your vehicle, I offer to update your Louisiana vehicle registration record immediately to record the transfer of ownership. This reduces or eliminates your exposure to accidents or misuse of the vehicle by the new owner prior to their registration of the vehicle in their name.

The following documents are needed to process an auto title transfer:


• Certificate of Title -  All persons listed as vehicle owners must be present or represented by power-of-attorney.

• Current Motor Vehicle Registration - Needed to process electronic update of vehicle ownership.

• Current photo identification from all persons listed as owners of the vehicle.


• Current photo identification from all persons who will be listed as buyers.

• Proof of insurance required when vehicle is registered at the Department of Motor Vehicles


My all inclusive fees are based on the location of the transaction and include travel time and mileage up to 30 minutes of billable time starting at scheduled time of the appointment or my arrival, whatever is later; thorough identification of all parties; recording of the transaction in a notarial journal; assistance with all necessary documents; and all required notarizations

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